About the reports

Q: What types of reports does Berg Insight offer?
A: We offer two types of reports - 60-100 page executive briefings and 150-300 page strategic reports. Our executive briefings are concise and highly focused publications covering specific subjects of vital interest for our clients. Strategic reports offer a broader perspective and detailed insights about industry developments.

Q: What is your research methodology?
A: Our research philosophy is founded on the principle of using a balanced mix of primary and secondary sources of information. We supplement first hand information from interviews, e-mail communication and attendance at key conferences with second hand information from reliable sources like press releases, financial reports, white papers and articles from leading media. Depending on the topic, we aim to interview a representative selection of industry representatives at management or director level.

Q: How can I as a vendor representative brief your analysts?
A: Please contact us by e-mail to request an analyst briefing with Berg Insight. Berg Insight will evaluate each briefing request in light of our on-going and new research initiatives. We accept briefings from companies with new or interesting initiatives in our core research areas. Please take a minute to review Berg Insight’s core competencies to ensure your briefing request is in-line with our coverage areas. The research teams will accept briefing requests based on the value the briefing will bring to our research and the research team's availability.

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